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Paintless Dent Removal is a combination of using specially designed tools to remove dents sustained to your vehicle bodywork without the need to paint your vehicle. No matter how easy it looks, PDR requires a high level of skill, patience and expertise and whilst it has its advantages over a traditional body repair where damage is repaired and the vehicle bodywork painted, your dent man will be limited by tow main factors, being panel access and the paintwork being fully intact and unbroken.


PDR Questions

What is PDR?

PDR or paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair is a system designed to repair bodywork dents, deep creases and ding impressions. PDR is a faster and more cost effective solution than traditional repair and paint methods, as long as access can be gained and the paint has not broken.  No filler or pant is used negating colour issues as the original manufacturer paint is left intact.



PDR Questions

Do you offer a mobile service ?

Yes.  We offer a purely mobile paintless dent removal service throughout London and have removed thousands of car dents. As a result our dent masters have extensive knowledge and expertise.  Once a dent man is onsite, he will explain how the dent will be removed and advise any imperfections that may remain after the repair has been completed as to ensure 100% satisfaction!



PDR Questions

Do you strip doors and panels to get to the dent ?

No.  Paintless dent removal in most instances, does not require the removal of doors or wing panels and whilst we may need to remove trim components to obtain access, your dent man will generally avoid having to take your vehicle apart.  If a dent has been sustained to the door panel, we would lower the window, place a protective shield in the void and repair the damage from within.



PDR Questions

How big a dent can you do ?

Its really down to the nature of the car dent – typically tennis ball sized, however if it can be done – we gladly accept the challenge!  The 2 things to remember are that if the dent is too deep, it will have stretched the metal and will not go back to original shape and secondly if the paint has been damaged, PDR is not a suitable repair method, however our PDR+ service is on hand to assist.



PDR Questions

My paintwork is damaged – can you still repair it ?

We can remove the dent, however our dent man will not be able to paint the vehicle.  Our PDR+ service is more than suitable to tackle paintwork issues.  In some situations we may be able to machine polish out light scratches or imperfections that have scored the lacquer with a cutting compound.  Once we have your images of dent damage, we can advise the best way to proceed.



PDR Questions

Do you do plastic bumpers ?

Yes.  If the dent has been sustained to the corner and the paint finish has not been damaged we can assist, however if the paintwork has been damaged, our PDR+ service is more suitable to tackle this type of damage.




PDR Questions

Do you do hail / conker damage ?

Yes.  We can repair multiple instances of dent damage to panels such as roofs by pulling the dents but it can take a bit of time.




PDR Questions

Will a dent come back after you have repaired the panel ?

No.  Metal does not have a memory and will hold the shape it was last sculpted into. When a vehicle is produced, sheets of mild steel or aluminum are stamped into shape to form a panel.  When we remove a dent, we sculpt the affected area back to its original factory stamped shape.  Once we repair the dent, your bodywork is not granted magic powers in the event of another accident!  




PDR Questions

Do you provide a discount for multiple panels/repeat work ?

Yes.  If a vehicle has multiple instances of dents or multiple vehicles are available at one location at the same time, we aim to provide discounted pricing on repairs as our dent man will be onsite and can rotate repairs in line with vehicle availability.




PDR Questions

Do you just suck out the dent ?

A common myth is that you can just suck or pop a dent out. If that was the case, the PDR industry would not exist and everybody would be a dent master.  Some large shallow dents can be sucked out, which normally leaves a trace of damage which need to be finished off with specialist PDR tools. Youtube is fantastic but can turn a simple fix into something serious when we get onsite.



PDR Questions

How long does it take ?

Every dent is different – typically takes about 1-2 hours to remove a dent depending on where the dent has been sustained on the vehicle.  Our PDR service is fully mobile and comes to your home, office or business premises in London, so you dont have to worry about finding a coffee shop to buy cold bad coffee, find out your mobile phone battery is low and read yesterdays newspaper!



PDR Questions

I am about to P/X my vehicle shortly – is it worth doing and will it add value to my car?

Yes.  If you are taking your vehicle to a dealership, you can be sure that they will be looking for damage in order to value your vehicle in a way which reflects the poor maintenance of bodywork.  Its makes sense to have any damage repaired prior to taking your vehicle in for part exchange as it then has a better chance to be valued in a manner that reflects well maintained vehicle bodywork.

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